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Construction Services In Illawarra

Our professional team here at Cordeaux Constructions in the Illawarra provide a wide range of construction services to help you achieve the home you really want. We have a team of carpenters and apprentices with many years of experience in home construction, renovations and much more to help our clients update their existing homes or design new ones from scratch to perfectly suit their unique personal situation. If you need construction work on your home, we can help. Whether you want to add rooms, change layouts or begin fresh with a brand new home, we are your go-to.

If you are ready to transform your home or to get started with a whole new one, get in touch with Cordeaux Constructions today. We are ready and waiting to offer you a free consultation and estimate on your job. We’ll come out and assess your property or sit down with you and discuss what you want in a new construction job.


When you engage Cordeaux Constructions, you are getting a true partner. Our team are here to help you through all aspects of your construction project and we have a network of subcontractors and specialists who can help with everything you need to get the job done quickly and effectively. You will work one on one with our builders the entire time, we will take care of managing the sub contractors, getting permits and handling all the other finer details of compliance and regulation that go hand in hand with construction projects.


You know your needs better than anyone and each family is uniquely different. We provide new home constructions that can either be designed from scratch to be a perfect fit for your requirements or you can choose to go with a ready-made plan. We’ll even help with acquiring the permits and other paperwork so you can get started quickly.


Whether you want a bathroom or kitchen updated or you are looking for more extensive renovations including a change in layout, we can help you achieve your goals. Our experts can manage everything from moving or removing walls, patching drywall, painting, flooring and much more.


Want to extend your home to add more space? We can help you add extra bedrooms, living room space and more. We can handle virtually any first-floor addition.


More and more Illawarra families are choosing to add granny flats to their existing properties. This can be done as an addition or as a separate guest house. We’ll help you every step of the way to add this valuable asset to your home, from acquiring permits to finishing the entire project.